How To Buy

How to buy tickets quickly and easily

We help you buy tickets quickly and easily on your site, anywhere and any device :

- Find your Event/Show you want to join on our site

- Choose your Ticket you want to buy

- Add Ticket to basket

- Make a payment (new customer must sing up with us first)

- You will get email to confirmation after payment is successful (if not success your ticket will on pending)

- Print your tickets at home or work!

- Take it with you when you go to the show/event for register with promoter or organizer to get real ticket or entrance.


Payment for the purchase tickets with GixTix.

Now you can pay with 2 methods.

1. by Transfer of funds through ATM / Online Banking or pay at Bank Counter anywhere in the country. You will receive an account number to transfer money via email.

2. by PayPal for people who have paypal account or pay by credit card payment through paypal gateway. We will charge your transaction fee 4%.

** PaySbuy ** Soon 


Tickets will be reserved and will be issued as e-ticket for register to get real ticket or entrance at venue.

For those who pay via bank transfer: You will receive e-ticket via e-mail after you have paid and confirmed your transfer send to us (via email / FB page / line) if not make a payment within three days the card will automatically be canceled.

For those who pay via credit card or PayPal: You will receive e-ticket via email after your payment has been fully completed. If the payment was an error or a credit card declined, your ticket will be show as a cancel or pending status. We will contact you via email for review.